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From well-child checkups to prescription refills, Pediatric Associates of Brunswick can help you tackle an array of treatment needs quickly and effectively. Well-child checkups and immunizations are also available.

Prescription refills procedures

For all refills except ADHD medication, Pediatric Associates of Brunswick can refill the medication within one business day. Please call the office during normal business hours to request the prescription refill.

ADHD medication refill policy

To ensure your child's medication regime does not lapse, resulting in a gap in medication, contact Pediatric Associates of Brunswick when you have 5 days of medication left.

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Well-child checkups and vaccination schedules

Designed to help keep track of developmental milestones, measure growth, discuss parental concerns and administer vaccines, well child checkups are essential to your child's health.


Below is a list of vaccines organized by age of well-child checkup (WCC):

  • 2-month WCC: Pediarix, Hib, Prevnar13, and Rotateq

  • 4-month WCC: Pediarix, Hib, Prevnar13, and Rotateq

  • 6-month WCC: Pediarix, Prevnar13, and Rotateq

  • 12-month WCC: Hep A, Hgb, MMR, Lead-Medicaid only, Varivax, Prevnar13 (C/P)

  • 15-month WCC: DTaP, Prevnar13(T), Hib

  • 2-year WCC: Hgb, Lead*, *Medicaid only

  • 4-year WCC: MMR, Varivax, Kinrix

  • 11-year WCC: Tdap, Menveo, HPV (recommended)

  • 16-year WCC: Bexsero (recommended)

  • Please note, MMR includes measles, mumps and rubella, while DTaP and Tdap include diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis.

  • Pediarix: DTaP / HepB / Polio

  • Kinrix: DTaP / IPV

Additional information regarding vaccine details and timelines:

We follow the CDC guidelines on vaccinations. For the safety of our patients, we do not accept patients that refuse vaccinations.


If you would like more information about vaccines, please visit the official CDC website and the Vaccine Information Statements (VIS).


You can also visit for more information regarding developmental milestone timeframes or infant and child car seat recommendations.

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